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PhotographsBarton Hill (Archived photographs S.)
A compilation of photographic memories compiled by the Barton Hill History Group

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Hill RevisitedImages of England
Barton Hill Revisited

Compiled by the Barton Hill History Group, this fascinating pictorial history will delight all those who know the area
ISBN 0-7524-3557-4

Local History DVDs

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The enthralling story of a proud working-class community. The emergence in 1840 of the Great Western Cotton Factory on Barton Hill transformed the area from a rural backwater into a mass of industry and terraced streets. See schools, shops and pubs before the tower blocks came. Helped by some evocative old photographs and the Barton Hill History Group's knowledge and enthusiasm, your tour of the area is packed with delights.


Produced with members of the Barton Hill History Group, this is the story of how these East Bristol suburbs grew around Church Road. See how an area of meadows and market gardens evolved into a Victorian suburb, and enjoy highlights such as a tribute to St. George Park, the vibrant shops of the 'Golden Mile', visits to the match factory, corset factory, Co-op and the Granada and Park Cinemas.

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Few areas of Bristol have changed as dramatically in recent years as Easton. This is your chance to remember Easton and Eastville before the tower blocks and road developments transformed the area.

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