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Our Media

Barton Hill History Group is dedicated to sharing the history of the people of Barton Hill and has created a number of media items containing video and voices of those people (some certainly characters) who made Barton Hill a real community.

Voices of the Past

A selection of videos and sound recordings telling the story of Barton Hill through live music and recordings of the voices of the people who lived there.

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Our Facebook site

From 0 to over 1,000 Facebook group members in just over a year! Facebook has revolutionised our communication with the Barton Hill community past and present. We have many regular users who are in their 70’s and 80’s – brilliant! Lost communities and friends have been reunited. We started 2021 with monthly Facebook live events that told stories of Barton Hill’s history. Then we moved outside, for live broadcasts. The last broadcast in July had 1.5k views! Many thanks to two local residents Martin and Alexander Smith and to our own Dave Cheesley who have been brilliant in supporting Facebook live events.

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