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Appeals for information

From time to time we receive requests from visitors who are trying to find an old relative or neighbour who used to live in Barton Hill. Sometimes its an attempt to find an old photograph.

If you have a request please contact us.. The name of the person or any personal information related to the person making the request is never included.

If you wish to respond to a request please click on the envelope displayed in the request box. This will start a new email with the subject filled in with the reference of the request.

Can you tell us about your favourite off licence? The BHHG is looking for details of the off licences of Redfield, Barton Hill, Whitehall, Newtown, Lawrence Hill and St. George. If you have memories of the shop keeper, the actual shop (inside and outside), the products sold, etc. then please get in touch. No detail too small. Many once familiar off licences in our area have vanished but what were they like and what part did they play in life 'back then'? Let us know. For example:- One vanished off licence was 133/135 Hayward Road, Redfield, a Mr Jones recalls 'going there with my girlfriend' Can you tell us a bit more about this OFFY? What was it called? What was it like? Who was the proprietor? What could you get there? When did it close? Please get in touch re this off licence or any other in our area.
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If you have any memories of any Off Licence in the East Bristol area - The Barton Hill History Group would welcome any information. We would especially like to see a photograph plus any information on the THE WHEATSHEAF, 25, Saffron Street, Whitehall
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I am looking for information or memories of the bombing of the shop on the corner of Seal Street/ Twinnell Road - March 1941 or anyone who knew the Smith Family that owned it. Also any reference to shop (Elizabeth Smith) at 20 Canterbury Street, Barton Hill. No detail too small.
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We still need your help:- The BHHG is writing a history of the Netham Cooperage, Cooperage Rd, Redfield and we need memories and recollections of this lost Redfield industry. What were the buildings like? (stone, brick or wood?). Did you know anybody who worked there? Did you ever go there, or pass there, or live in the adjacent streets? The cooperage was still operating in the 1960s but then vanished. Any information of its layout and operations would be gratefully received. NO DETAIL TOO SMALL!
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The firm of C. Stuckey were outfitters who had a number of shops in Bristol (Including one at the top of Union Street). They had a relatively large shop at Lawrence Hill, just along from the 'Electric Spark' ironmongers. The shop had large deep windows, crammed full of merchandise and a distinctive shop front. Stuckeys was a 'landmark store' on Lawrence Hill between 1955 and c1984. If you have any memories or details-please get in touch. Did you use the shop or just go past it? No details too small.
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Lennards Shoe Shop
Many of us bought our shoes in Lennards shoe shop on Church Road. I am researching the shop and Lennards as a Company.I would appreciate any information, memories or facts concerning this business especially the shop on Church Road and I am anxious to find someone who knows when this shop closed.
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The Kings Head Public House, Whitehall, Bristol
Has long been established as a local pub-Can you remember when the stone drinking trough was in the front courtyard? If you have any memories or pictures of this landmark, please get in touch
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Fish and Chip shops
It was pointed out to the Barton Hill History Group that although fish and chip shops have played a big part in the social history of Barton Hill, as they have all over the country, no one in the group has ever delved into the history of them, so this at the moment is an ongoing project. We would be interested to hear from anyone who has memories of any fish and chip shops in the East Bristol area or maybe you owned a fish and chip shop. Let us know about it
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Adelaide House
Did you ever walk along George and Dragon Lane - the lane that runs alongside the George and Dragon Public House (sometimes referred to as Montys) in Church Road, Redfield? This lane used to lead to Pilemarsh. Did you notice or have you any memories of Adelaide House? This house once stood in the lane. We are appealing for information about this old landmark. If you can help please email us
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Netham Cooperage
I am researching Netham Cooperage - it was once a thriving business situated on the edge of the Netham Chemical Works land in Cooperage Road, Redfield. The Company was owned by William Byrt and later it was run by his wife and two sons George and William then known as 'Byrt Brothers' they made barrels for the chemical industry. They employed 50 coopers and were producing 1000 barrels a day. The business continued for nearly 100 years. I am also interested in one of the employees. His name was Tom Bidder, he worked at the cooperage all his life and his son and grandson also worked there. According to records the cooperage was there in 1969 but gone by 1972. Any information on this once busy cooperage or Tom Bidder would be much appreciated
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Can anyone remember William E.R. Harris?
He was born 1875. and went by the nicknames 'Billy' and 'Tubby' He was a Teacher at Barton Hill School between 1908 and 1935. His subjects were History and Sports. He founded the Barton Hill School Old boys Rugby Football Club (1908) Barton Hill Swimming Club and Barton Hill Water Polo Club. He retired from Barton Hill School in 1935 and died some time around 1948. If anyone can fill us in with any details of this ex Barton Hill man who did so much for the youth of the area please let us know
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