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Appeals for help with family history

From time to time we receive requests from visitors who are preparing their family tree and need help in finding information about a family member.

If you have such a request please contact us.. The name of the person or any personal information related to the person making the request is never included.

If you wish to respond to a request please click on the envelope displayed in the request box. This will start a new email with the subject filled in with the reference of the request.

I am looking for information on 'Fred the Knife'- he was a local character who I think lived in Digby Street (or could be another part of Barton Hill) during the 50s and 60s. If anyone can help me solve the mystery of this man it would help with my family history. THANKS
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Emily Caswill - 1884/1967. Researching the life and times of Emily Caswill (later Emily Norton) who ran a small corset shop at 2 Barrow Road, near the main junction with Lawrence Hill. She traded from about 1910 - 1960., some 50 years or so, before retiring. I would be very grateful for any photos of Emily or of her little shop (demolished for the St.Philips Causeway) or indeed any snippet of information concerning Emily.
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Ernest John William - born 27th January 1911 - at 39 Beaufort Road, Barton Hill, Bristol. Ernest was the eldest of several children born to Annie and John Taylor. He joined the Somerset Light Infantry and served in Nira Camp, Poona in India during World War Two - possibly left India on 28th February 1948 sailing on the Empress of Australia back to England. Does anyone know any details about Ernest and His family.
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I am trying to find any information about the Hobbs Family who lived in Hudds Hill, St. George around the 1910s to 1930s (possibly longer). There were four daughters: Sarah (also the mothers name) Charlotte (known as Lou), Clara (known as Clare) and Edith my Grandmother. There were also three sons: William, Ernest and Gilbert. I am especially interested in finding out more details about a story mentioned to me not long ago by a family member, that one of the Hobbs girls gave birth to a baby under a hedge in Maldowers Lane, which I believe is more or less adjacent to Hudds Hill Road. Quite a long shot, I know, but I was wondering if anybody still living locally may also have heard this story and might be able to give me any clues as to the identity of the mother and roughly the year this might have taken place. I would appreciate any scrap of information.
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I am trying to trace any member of the Cook Family who lived in a secondhand furniture shop at 173, newfoundland Road - I was at school with Tony and his sisters Jeanette and Cheryl. Tony has a daughter Lisa - any help appreciated.
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I have been given a number of photos and certificates that belonged to WINIFRED GOLDING. She was born in 1911 and she became an accomplished piano player. She lived at 4, Osprey Road, Redfield. Her parents were TOM F. AND ALICE GOLDING. Her Grandparents were TOM C. and FLORENCE E. GOULDING (census spelling). If Winifred is in your family tree and you would like the articles contact the History Group.
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